International DanceSport Federation
Competition Report
Date & Location: 20.08.12  -  Singapore 
Competition: Grade C  Latin (3)
Member Ass.:Singapore (Singapore DSF)
Title of Competition:14th SGDF Singapore National 
Organizer:SGDF / Hougang Community Club Youth EC 
Chairman:George Tan 
A A - George Tan Malaysia 
B B - Sylvia Loo Malaysia 
C C - Maggie Su Malaysia 
D E - Michael Lim Singapore 
E G - Joshua Low Singapore 
Result of the Final
1. Poi Yong Jek / Song Wen Ting Malaysia 
2. Lim Yee Loon / Tey Shin Yee Malaysia 
3. Eric Tee / Sharon Wong Malaysia 
4. Kenneth Lee / Blandina Chia Singapore 
  final round                
No. of couples danced 4                
No. of couples set -                
Compiled by ProDance V3.1 licenced for Singapore (Singapore DSF)