BD Dance World Superstars DanceSport Championship on 2014.06.28 to 2014.06.28 at Singapore (Raffles City Convention Ctr)

Girl's Solo-15 yrs and Below(S, C, R)

Competition Report

Date 28. June 2014 to 28. June 2014
Place Singapore (Raffles City Convention Ctr)
Organizer Shawn & Gladys DanceWorld
Competition Latin
Title Girl's Solo-15 yrs and Below(S, C, R)
Adjudicator(s) A: Rainbow Ho Hong Kong
  B: Annalisa Di Filippo Italy
  C: Sylvia Loo Malaysia

Result of the Final

Place Name Club / Nation
1 Chan Naveen Hong Kong
2 Le Nguyen Anh Thu Vietnam
3 Carrie Zheng Singapore
4 Jasyn Gan Zi Sin Singapore
5 Pham Ngoc Minh Anh Vietnam
6 Nguyen Thuy Linh Vietnam
7 Tran Thanh Thao Vietnam
8 Sarah Danial Lee Singapore


Round No. of couples danced No. of couples set
1. Round 29 -
2. Round 14 -
Final 8 -

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